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Fees & Insurance


Counseling, Coaching, Consulting:

First Time Visit: $250
Ongoing Individual Visit: $190

First Time Couple or Family Visit: $300
Ongoing Couple or Family Visit: $250

Supervision for Social Workers: $190

*Rates are per 50 minute therapy hour which is the industry standard


In order to provide therapy at a client-centered pace without restrictions, I do not work directly with insurance companies.

If your plan includes out-of-network coverage for mental health care and you wish to submit for reimbursement, I can provide an insurance superbill with all required information. Unsure if your plan includes coverage for out-of-network mental health care? I encourage you to call and learn more.

Conversely, please consider the benefits of not using insurance:

  • No diagnosis required

  • Mental health diagnosis will not be added to medical record

  • Insurance companies will never ask for therapy note information

  • Treatment duration and frequency freedom

My Approach

My Approach

All parts of you are welcome here!  I believe (no, I know!) that we are all inherently connected to a Higher Source. So at our core, we have an inner wisdom, we are serene, balanced, whole. Since life is a full-contact sport, it's inevitable that we will acquire some emotional bumps and bruises along the way, that can interfere with how we truly want to think, feel and act.  Together we can explore your inner landscape and through the therapeutic process, you can gain clarity and can actually HEAL! You CAN live your life leading from a sense of serenity, balance and wholeness, no matter what is going on around you. While I love using IFS ("Parts Work") and EMDR, loyalty to YOU comes before loyalty to a particular therapeutic approach. 

Schedule a complimentary phone call to see if we are a good fit!

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